Who Am I

Asrika Vitawati, is a girl, absolutely. Fussy but sometimes silent in several time. And so organized.

She shares a high interest towards drawing, doodling, illustration, believing that a good artist is someone who amateur. She loves paying attention to unique stuff, limited product, and how people make money from their hobby. A business girl, she thinks she is. It's happened since elementary school.

Asrika is passionate about copywriting. Not necessarily a copywriter, however, she had experience on 2014 at one of studio design in Bandung. She just love the words, she plays with them. How she makes a quotes, story, tagline, or maybe poem. In 2010, she is the first winner in Jurnalistik Competition.

Being active in student organization since high school. Asrika has won several awards. In 2014, she was finalist of Layang Kancana Anugerah Kreatif Bandung 2014, which is poster design category. In another time, Asrika and her team to be the winner of Advertising Workshop Task in Capacity Building, Quality of Electronic Advertising By KEMEN PAREKRAF RI.

Because of her interesting to doodling, Asrika is now make a small bussiness from her hobby. The name is, Doodletees. Her dream is make her small bussiness to be a big business.

In November 2015, she published a coloring book "Doodle Land" and March 2016 she published the second book Doodle Land Vol.2 (Doodle Kingdom).