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It's a long time no write. So sorry, I got some busy activity. Too much! Yeaah.. But tonight, I spend my time to write about my little project. It's about birthday. Birthday never complete until you've sent happy birthday wishes to the birthday girl or boy. Especially if your boyfriend or girlfriend birthday. So, what is the best gift? Last month someone chat me in WhatsApp messenger. He is from Saudi Arabia. His someone special birthday in this month, and she likes doodle very much. He wants to give the best present for her. And he decided to order doodle for Basma in her 31 birthday. I feel so shock. Cause this is my first time I made doodle for someone from another country. I got some problem about how to transfer money cause I don't have paypal. I ask my friend and need help. Then, he told me that he want to help me, I can use his paypal. Fiuhhh thanks guy! 

After he paid me in the half, I drew it. He wants me to draw balloon shape with cake in the middle. Candle in the top of cake with 31 number and name 'Basma'. I drew for almost 3 days. The longest step is when it turn to vector file. I can't make it. And I ask my another friend to help. He is from DKV faculty. He is so help me. Here is doodle vector.

If you want to order it, you can send message to :


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