Solitude Place

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Afternoon friday, bright and so shinny. Feeling so bored? Or feeling so lonely? Don't worry, I'll bring you to solitude place. A place that maybe make you feel better than before. Here we go, Cafe D'Pakar. My friend that introduce his name on a few weeks ago, Iman, bring me to this place. Feeling so natural, so green and feeling so fully alive. The place is not really far I thought. Around this place I just see many tree, full with oxygen. Trying to breath and relax the place. You know what, we just arrive in this place so early, while waiting open, I tried to create a story in my mind. And this is my story (imagination).

One day in my life, there is a man with black tees. He is not older or younger than me. He ride a horse, but unfortunately the horse is so short, like a unicorn. It's like not unpredictable. Then, he asked me to go to someplace. Fee so afraid, but I try to believe in him. After 30 minutes we riding that horse, I didn't speak anything. Speechless. I see a lot of jar in all side. Ya, I do really love jar. After that, I try to pick one. When I open the jar, suddenly I sleep and forget anything.

Yeay, that's my imagination. Finally the cafe open. And I choose some food in menu. Not really expensive I thought. If you feel like need a solitude place, this is maybe good for you. Trying to have fun with the natural environment and the weather. Enjoy the food. And just create a story with your imagination, although it's just a minute or maybe a second. Don't afraid with a new place you never been there. Really thank you so much to my new friend, Iman, who bring me to this solitude place. And thankyou for nature you gave me a lot of life meaning.


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