Random Question

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Random Question 
(This random question is just for fun, to make your monday more creative and funtastic!)
Answer this question honestly

1. What is your name and what it mean?

2. How many pencils do you have?

3. What is your favorite day? Why?

4. What will you do when you meet your ex-g/b in the public transportation?

5. Have you ever seen a ghost?

6. When you will marry?

7. What is your occupation?

8. Do you think that today will be a good day?

9. Who do you miss right now?

10. Why did your last relationship end?

11. Where is your best destination for holiday?

12. Where you go when you sad?

13. How is your feel right now?

14. Would you give some money for your best friend?

15. What is your weakness?

16. How the step you resolve your problem?

17. When is your birthday?

18. What is your hair colour?

19. Who is your parent's name?

20. 10 random facts about yourself :


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