May 'Be' You are Amazing!

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Hello there! Long time no write. 
It's almost 10 days in this May, I have a lot of planning. Busy is the one of my reason, but you should know that I always save so many ideas that flying in my mind. But sometimes It just lost. How poor there are. Since I start internship in one of design studio in Bandung, I tried some activity that make me more amazing. So much! Be fun is the best way to do that. Okay, back to May. About this month, my dad and also my brother birthday in next week. Should I give some present for them? That's not really important for them. The best thing for them is TIME. Yaaa! Time to laugh, chit chatting, even it just one hour, but that's a lot of meaning. 

May, three words no meaning? Idk.
Someone has different opinion. Include me. Four days ago, I write some 'Self Project'. I have  a doubt that I can do that. But who know? Here are the things that I wanna do in this May :
1. Daily blogging 20 days. (And here is the one)
2. Daily doodling 10 days.
3. Book project (Sketch book own)
4. Collaboration with some of my friends. (The project name is : 'Colour be action')
5. Buying new drawing pen. (Done)
6. Try to drawing with watercolour. (Done)
7. Drawing in canvas. (Done)
8. Manage my money in some of unique jar. (Done)
9. Give a surprise cake for my dad birthday.
10. Go somewhere or some new place. 
11. Create a new clothes. 
12. Make a jar of green tea latte. (Done)
13. Listening to new song.
14. Drawing in new sketch book (Already done)
15. Going to coffee shop with someone in the saturday night. (Is it possible?)

Well, that are 15 point what I want to do in this amazing May. Hope that will be true!
Maybe, May will make you amazing.


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