My First Buyer DOODLETEES™

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Since I posted my new picture in one of my social media, I never though about my expectation. I don't know how to built some money from my skill. At that time, there is a girl who gave me a comment. Nice ! She just want my t-shirt, what the differences ? It's just my drawing picture Doodle. Yeaaaay, in the first holiday in this semester, I have a challenge. I must drawing 22 picture. And it's free. Whatever. I try to draw abstrack pict, and idk why after one picture, I try draw doodle, until finish of my challenge, I just draw doodle. I don't think to draw it. Just let it be. After 22 days of my holiday. I try to make one of my doodle to be a t-shirt. And there are a good response. Some of my friends want to buy my t-shirt. I think it can will be a business. I make for design and packaging. 



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