#22 Doodle Holiday Challenge

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Hola Vacation ! Hola Holiday ! Yip .. first thing that I will to do in the first day on my holiday is "Drawing". I just see from another picture, I try, but I make a transformation from the picture. What is that ? Yaaa I just make a differences. So, I copy but rethinking. Hihihi. For beginner like me, doodle is hard, that's why I must see another doodle. It's not wrong right? Just for first inspiration. Let's see my Doodle.

1. Say Hey ! #HolidayDay1 

2. Watch Me on Your Channel #HolidayDay2

3. It's All About Today ! #HolidayDay3 

4. Yum ! #HolidayDay4 

5. Awkward Moment #HolidayDay5 

6. We Make Peace not War!# HolidayDay6 

7. Happy Birthday Pu ! #HolidayDay7 

8. July #HolidayDay8  

9.  Give me Five Finger ! #HolidayDay9 

10. Melody of Sadness #HolidayDay10 

11. Oh Holiday ... #HolidayDay11 

12. What !!! #HolidayDay12 

13. Geology Doodle For Geologist #HolidayDay13 

14. Happy Fasting Universe! #HolidayDay14 

15. "NK" For Nadhira Kamila #HolidayDay15 

16. Keep Going and Never Quit ! #HolidayDay16 

17. "A" is for me ! #HolidayDay17 

18. How CM is it ? #HolidayDay18 

19. "R" For some boy #HolidayDay19 

20. Be Kind, Be Careful, Be Brave and Believe! #HolidayDay20 

21. T-See , T-Saw, T-Seen #HolidayDay21 

22. Zzzzz Done ! #HolidayDay22 

Yiaaaay, finally 22 Day Finish and I got 22 Doodle Pict. XOXO :)


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